Quad Tyre Pressure

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Quad Tyre Pressure

Postby kfxnando » Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:48 am

this topic comes up from time to time, and have seen that there seems to be a few misconception around some issues on this one, hope this will clear up most of those issue!!

Big UTE should run 5psi all round
5psi is around 0.3bar, however do not use a pressure gouge that measures in bar as this is highly inaccurate for the tyre pressure in quad tyres!!

another example, KFX700 5psi rear and 4psi front

another one, TRX250TM:
out the Honda book
tyre pressure (cold) F + R 2.9psi
maximum tyre pressure (cold) F + R 3.3psi
minimum tyre pressure (cold) F + R 2.5 psi

variations allowed for load variations!!!

now lets have a look at the difference of using ''psi'' and ''bar''

1st let me add that the pressure gouge that come with the quads are marked in psi and for that mater have every 0.1psi marked!!

1 psi = 0.06894757bar
2.5psi = 0.1723689bar
2.9psi = 0.199948bar
3.3psi = 0.227527
4 psi = 0.2757903
5 psi = 0.3447379

hope the above shows why psi is the ''preferred'' unit for quad tyre pressure
how does someone get it right with a tyre pressure gouge that works in BAR???????

have heard many people talk about 0.5 bar

that gives
0.5 bar = 7.251887psi

way over what the manufactures recommend!!

and if you think that the small difference is irelevant have a close look
at best on the smaller quads its double the recommended pressure
on the bigger UTE its 40% over inflated
and if you still dont think it makes a difference, let me tell you of a little story
we were out for a week in the Memel area and got used to how my quad handled, on the last day checked tyre pressure and discovered it was a little low in front and rear, it was real cold there, so upped the pressure to 0.4 psi over the recommended, let me tell you nearly lost it in the one corner, keep in mind that was used to one reaction from the quad and got another one, yes we were moving, and yes we were playing like little kids chasing each other at hight speeds and drifting the quads, that difference in pressure made a huge difference!!!
result: was left with my heart in my throat, nearly shat my self, cosed me to back off for a while, soon was on the go again, however the quad was different to the previous days, when we took a break, dropped tyre pressure to where it is meant to be and all was back to normal!!!
quad behaved ''normal''

hope this clears up some tyre pressure issues!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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