Towing Speeds

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Towing Speeds

Postby kfxnando » Sun Jan 23, 2011 4:00 pm

well, we just see one speed limit and after all that is what the law says
sadly the law does not say when towing a traylor one should slow down, however recommendations and guide lines say towing speed should be done at a slower pace!!

self, often think and have used the following simple guidlines

''drive 20km/k slower then speed limit of the road being traveled on''

so on high ways 100km/h instead of 120km/h when not towing!!

in town 40km/h instead of the norm 60km/h

hear you say that is slow?? yes it is!!

but on a braked traylor, the vehicle will stop quicker then with no traylor!!
yes it will, however there is more to it then just stopping from speed, when towing maneuverability is different!!

one cant just swerve as if not towing, and the higher the speed the worst it gets!!

yes and am also guilty, as soon as we leave, all is calm, and as time goes on, so the speed goes up, we are still traveling with in the speed limit!!

the quicker we get the the more time we have on holiday, and we always squeeze out the last few hrs and drive home a little faster on the way back!!

comments and advice welcome!!
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