Towing Issues and the Law

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Towing Issues and the Law

Postby kfxnando » Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:04 am

well read on threads of a vehicle being towed with a A-frame

need to add that we have done it before!!

we towed a beech buggy all the way to the coast and back behind a VW Combi using the buggy as a traylor(we loaded it full) on an A-frame!!

not having a go at anyone, however there are legal issue that could arise out of this!!

at the time we did not know better!!

the law says that when towing over 750kg, then brakes are mandatory requirement

so what is the problem, in case of an accident there will be no insurance cover, besides it being dangerous!!

its like having smooth tyres on ones car, and one gets hit from behind, car not roadworthy, insurance does not pay!!

hope this makes sense!! :mrgreen:

there are a whole bunch of sticky issues around this, including the whole towing industry!!

however believe rather safe then sorry!!

hope this helps someone!!
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