Chinese made tires

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Chinese made tires

Postby kfxnando » Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:20 pm

lately and not quiet surprised the market has see quiet a few unknown makes of tyres from mainly china

as with many things, lots of things are made in china now days even if labeled as made else where

recently had the opportunity of fitting some to the WJ/WG V8 Jeep and was very skeptical

ended up fitting a set of Pirreli Scorpio ATM

vehicle feels very smooth and quiet, however the guys who though my wheel alignment screwed it up, and now need to get it sorted out

any case back on the made in china tyres, one of the tyres that I looked at was Maxtrek
have since heard that they are very good tyres

on the Opel (DD) have replaced all tyres with no name brand made in china, and it could still backfire, however after replacing the rears, the car went very smooth, all the way up to 130km/h
where as before at around 90km the car would develop a horrible shake and feel as if it was coming apart , the General tyres that were on the rear, at least one of then had obviously started coming apart/detachment of the thread and was way more dangerous then I expected
and what cough my eye to the tyre, is that it had developed a bald patch to the point where the canvas started to show, at that point I had the two rear tyres replaced
and wow what a difference
so maybe after all those made in china brands are not so bad, however how will we find out, only time will tell

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