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Postby admin » Thu Apr 08, 2010 8:50 am

this is very important!!

Me as the owner of this domain name and site, will not stand for personal attacks and BS of similar destructive nature on here

am open to constructive and open debate, however when/if someone starts to disagree with someone else just for the sake of stiring or picking a fight or a persons bad and negative bad nature, that will not be tolerated, and I hold the Nuke button and will not hesitate to delete posts threats, dish out warnings or ban members!!
as has been said on many forums, this is not a democracy, so no amount of voting or gathering of the majority by a few will sway my warped logic!!

this place is meant to share good times and thoughts, and positive attitudes!!
while still keeping as open mind as possible!!

you can say what ever you wish, just remember that you are responsible for what you say and what you post!!
so if you make a false claim or accusation, the site or the owner or the admin will not held responsible for what see as truth or have chosen to post!!
you will need to take responsibility for your own postings and actions

by the same token, we '''' can not verify all or any info that members post, so its up to the individual to verify info before using it!!
we will not be held responsible for either wise!!

we are not lawyers, so we dont know the law, about what is legal and what is not!!
or what is allowed to be posted and what is not!!

members remain responsible for their postings!!

hope that the nuke buttons will not be required!!

I Hold the Nuke Button!!!!
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