Tata Xenon

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Tata Xenon

Postby kfxnando » Sat Jun 05, 2010 4:45 pm

well in order to keep me from working from morning till night, we took a ride today, mainly yo have a look at outboard motors for the rubberduck

we ended up having a look at tyres for the Brute Force as well, and had a look at the new Tata 4x4

well looks very nice on paper, however the quality is poor to say the least

the body panels dont line up, the wind screen wiper motors have to be replaced as they were damaged during transport, corrosion they say!!!

the door handle had a piece loose, and then this is a brand new vehicle still on the show room floor!!!

the light inside the bonnet does not fit well!!

the 4x4 has road tyres, so much for being a 4x4!!

interior ok, back seat good for double cab standards!!

would I buy one!!! nope!!! will rather finish the conversion on the Ford!!

the Tatas make the ''Made in China'' look good!!!

the GWM look way better!!!

just my opinion!! :twisted:
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