HP Wheels Motor Sea Level and Lossses

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HP Wheels Motor Sea Level and Lossses

Postby kfxnando » Thu May 06, 2010 2:28 pm


well we on this topic again, however on a slightly different direction!!

this time time dealing with the general consensus or the losses of the different types of transmissions!!

have come across some reliable info from a very reliable source!!

Front Wheel Drive: from motor to wheels losses 25%

Rear Wheel Drive: from Motor to wheels 1/3 yep one third!!

On a 4X4 from Motor To Wheels: around 39%, yep that much!!

then from sea level to our high altitude here in JHB, 3% per 1000feet!! so for every 305 meters above sea level there will be a 3% drop in power!!!

the above works, where the issue comes in, is the ''happy dynos'' where a higher number is given with out any real value besides giving someone the right to brag with the wrong numbers!!

so lets go to the obvious choice of test!!

Lexus V8, stock between 260hp and about 320hp depending on model and a few other things!!

now we need to look carefully where these motors come from, restrictive exhaust systems and catalytic converters!!
and now add what many believe is a better ECU and one can go from 260hp to easily 290 at seal level at the motor
the different exhaust (that is if one goes from the original lexus exhaust to a simple freeflow) one can easily expect 8% increase, and then another 10hp from a better ECU!! and one now sits at 290hp!!

now lets have a look at a easy breathing motor in 4x4!!

290hp - a drop in altitude at 6000 ft, so that will be less 18% comes to 237.8hp
then the loses through the 4x4 set up, that will be 237.8 less 39%, and that leaves us at 145.058
not much some might say, that is true, sounds like a small number, however the same calculation on my 3.4L V6, shows 71rwhp!!
so for me this will be a double in hp and about a 50% increase in torque

any number far off this for a stock motor, should leave anyone questioning the integrity of the dyno operator!!!

that will be all for now!!
feel free to question or comment!!
:twisted: :mrgreen:

and the numbers quoted for the lexus V8, was confirmed by a reliable Dyno operator, that is about what he gets, so those numbers match!! :twisted:
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