House break in 03 07 2016

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House break in 03 07 2016

Postby kfxnando » Tue Jul 05, 2016 7:02 am

Thursday and Friday have been hearing noises and the dogs have been barking towards the back and next door
Had a look various times
Checked cameras and nothing
During the day, it's difficult for criminals with the dogs, at night with the dogs inside (it's cold and these fuggers poison dogs)
However at night we have the alarm and the cameras
Saterday morning started packing stuff away and found my one gas bottle out of the one cupboard, have been busy in the back, however don't remember moving the gas bottle
Then realised the other bottle is missing and then realised that my brand new rims for the trailer that I am busy building were also missing
This means extra work
Couz the only place not covered by a camera, is exactly where the POS jumped the wall
So off to install the new camera - lots of work, trunking, brackets, connections
Twisted my knee on the leader, and doing some welding
With lots of pain, all got done
Next morning we were up, and still keeping an eye on the camera
And there Marlize saw the POS jumping the wall out of our yard and he had taken something with him
So activate panic button, call sector vehicle, and due to my knee had left things a bit disorganized, so looking for keys
By the time that I stopped to open the gate, the security had arrived
So we chased to the back street to an open stand, where we suspect the POS was
He then jumped to another yard and then over that gate and ran
People gave chase, self went around the block to hopefully cut him off, however he got to the railway line and despite the chase got away
Here is the video of how they operate the gas bottle that he took this day, was recovered, however the rest of the stuff is gone
Stolen that we know of someone far, 4 15" 6 hole rims, on 14kg gas bottle -green similar to the one in the video and a long T-bar clamp
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