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Re: this one is for the E-tolls

Postby kfxnando » Mon May 07, 2012 9:33 pm

Why I am against eTolling in Gauteng.
by Public Servant News Network Johannesburg on Friday, 6 January 2012 at 14:27 ·

Sbu Ndebele has seen this petition which a lot of us have signed earlier last year but he will not admit to it.

To see it visit: ... on_id=550#

Core values as stipulated on the South African Department of Transport’s home page:

The core values of the department are:

1. Maintain fairness and equity in all our operations

2. Strive for quality and affordable transport for all

3. Stimulate innovation in the transport sector

4. Ensure transparency, accountability, accessibility as well as the upholding of the Batho Pele principles. Please see appendix 9.

An extremely unpopular decision has been taken by the Gauteng Transport Department to introduce additional toll roads in and around Johannesburg & Pretoria. According to the Department, it is the only method to “prevent further deterioration and congestion on the existing freeways”.

We, as a unified body of motorists using the Gauteng Freeways, hereby denounce the proposed Open Road Tolling (ORT) System & hereby voice our dissatisfaction for the following reasons/queries:

1. The ORT has not been discussed in length with the public. Advertising was aimed at the individual and no open forum discussion medium was put into place.

2. The R500 to R2000 increase in travel expense is too much of a burden for majority of the people who are already struggling to cope with living expenses. Why should law abiding citizens bare the brunt of the prolonged neglect of infrastructure and corruption of government officials?

3. The main reason why South Africa’s roads are in such a bad state is because contracts are not given to the best construction companies. The subgrade (preparation) is inferior, and the sub-base, which is the cement beneath the tarmac, needs to be about 300mm thick for highways. If the roads were designed and built in the correct manner, we would not have the problem of roads deteriorating so quickly. Is it a case of job creation? The company which builds the roads will also get the contract to maintain them – thus securing a profitable income.

4. Alternate routes & back roads will now become so congested as well, even though most of them cannot even cope with present traffic. There will also be an increase in the volume of taxis, delivery vehicles & trucks using back roads. There will be increased cases of pedestrian accidents in the suburbs and roads will suffer severe degradation.

5. New number plates are to be riveted on to vehicles – what would stop number plate theft? All that criminals would do is steal a number plate from a similar vehicle & place it on their own, which would mean that many people would wrongly receive bills for using highways. This would require a written query but majority of the motorists are too busy and would not even bother. A lot of vehicles are not registered with the correct residential address of the owner& motoring infringement notices are not received by the vehicle owner. This means that their freeway usage is subsidised by law abiding citizens. Would we have to “RICA” our number plates as well?

6. Where would the identification chip be placed? Would it have to be placed on the dash board? What would happen if the chip would be stolen?

7. Hidden costs: We know now that fuel costs plus the toll per kilometre is going to take a large part of our salaries but how much will the chip and number plates cost? Even if E-tags will be issued for free initially – is this always going to be the case or after pilot will road users be charged for e-tags as well? We understand that the tender has been given to a company for these chips – Is this company the best company to make affordable and reliable chips? Chips are definitely going to be stolen & possibly malfunction in our summer heat if left on the dashboard.

8. Rand Merchant Bank was chosen to raise funds for the GFIP (Appendix 4). Was this the best option?

9. We are aware that the fuel price may be dropped during the inception period in the hope that motorists will be conned into thinking that their travel expense is bearable.

10. Power cuts are bound to take place: what measures are put in place in the event of a power cut? Will the tolling then move onto a manual system? We know that this is when majority of the corruption will occur. If there are fail safes to protect this system from power cuts, why are similar fail safes not installed on the traffic lights?

11. Are you prepared for teething problems as experienced with e-Natis, which affected the economy significantly

12. There have been cases in the past where credit cards were charged twice deliberately at Toll Gates in order to recuperate costs faster – very few people complained as this was only a few Rands. What motorists were not aware of was that every credit card was being charged twice. If someone complained, they would merely refund the few Rands – it is understood that only a handful of people complained. The Public Servant pages will be used as a medium to prevent such corruption by encouraging motorists to speak out against such acts of mismanagement & fraud.

13. The system will be linked with Aarto & E-Natis: will vehicles which are reported stolen be able to be traced using this system? We do not want false promises, we want guarantees.

14. This new Toll Gantries would possibly be used as Average Speed Prosecution Devices: It is not proven that this method of speed prosecution is successful in preventing accidents. It is however a shown to cause accidents as the motorist is constantly looking down at the vehicle’s speedometer and is thus constantly distracted. It is proven that distraction is a much higher cause of accidents than slightly going over the speed limit. A guarantee should be given that this system will not be used for speed prosecution.

15. Could the implementation of the ORT and the high tariffs involved be geared towards decentralising of the CBD and play into the hands of the ANC’s plans to artificially form two new cities? Please see Appendix 8.

16. The new toll is a form of duplicate taxation – these roads have already been funded by income and fuel tax, and the tolls will provide double the revenue to government without providing double the benefit to citizens.

17. Two thirds of the BRT Rea Vaya Phase 1 project was simply handed to the Taxi industry – Is this part of a settlement to keep taxi operators quiet? Please see Appendix 3.

18. Sure motorists will save travelling time and will be provided with free assistance in case of accidents or vehicle malfunctions and registered e-tag users will be provided with a free medical service and towing service but what about those who are already have road side assistance & medical aid? The cons out-weigh the pro’s by far.

19. The system should only be adopted once safe, reliable & affordable public transport is available. That is, a proper feeder system together with trains should be made available so that commuters would not have to park their vehicles at train stations and receive exorbitant parking bills. Also, the commuters need to be safe enough in this public transport, driven by qualified drivers and not fear being gunned down or intimidated by members of opposing public transport mediums. This is not a war & we simply cannot put loss of life down to collateral damage.

20. Many people have said that they would attach the number plate with Velcro, stick fake rivets on to their number plates and simply remove them when using the highway. Others have opted to vandalise toll gantries, while most have said that they will simply not pay.

21. This time we, as the public will not follow like sheep and allow government to do as they please. Salaries will not be adjusted to match the increase in travel costs and the cost of all merchandise transported on national roads will now be passed onto the consumer. The consumer need not even own a vehicle to be affected adversely.

22.We as the public, would require a guarantee that the system for granting discounts, is fool proof, before the system is actually implemented. What mechanisms are in place to ensure that all road users receive the appropriate discounts, given that SARS will also need to be consulted on this matter?

In light of the above, I support the following statements:

1. That plans to toll the Gauteng freeways be abandoned until such time that safe, affordable and easily accessible alternative means of transport are made available.

2. When the ORT does come into effect, the toll be capped at 5c/km so that everyone can enjoy the roads which we have actually paid for.

3. That the cost of renovating and extending the Gauteng freeway network be borne by national government for now and recouped through increased GDP and the associated taxation revenue derived from this increased GDP. SANRAL claims that business losses amount to millions of Rands per hour wasted in traffic so the increased GDP should cover it.

4. That the Minister of Transport in future be compelled to appoint a neutral panel of specialists to conduct an unbiased feasibility study on any proposed toll road before proclaiming such a road, and every member of the public need to be included in any discussions & studies undertaken.

5. Only 60% of the approved budget of all government projects would actually be used for the actual project. The remaining 40% will be lost due to corruption & mismanagement. In true Batho Pele principle fashion, may we ask that all tender processes and costing analysis be made public in the future?

6. Under the management of the previous Minister, communication with the public was always at the last minute. We would like to see that with any new projects undertaken, the public are advised, through the media etc. on a more timely basis.

Thank you.

Public Servant



Please share this information with your friends.

A word document containing this text with the Appendices will be circulated via email.

To see this petition: ... on_id=550#
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Re: this one is for the E-tolls

Postby kfxnando » Tue May 08, 2012 8:08 am ... li-resigns

Sanral CEO Nazir Alli has resigned, a week after a judge put the brakes on the controversial e-tolling system being rolled out on Gauteng's highways.

The board of the South African Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) has accepted the resignation of chief executive officer Nazir Alli, the agency said on Tuesday morning.

On April 28, Judge Bill Prinsloo granted an urgent interdict brought to the North Gauteng High Court by the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (Outa), to stop the e-tolling system being rolled out by Sanral, so that a full court review could be carried out to determine whether it should be scrapped.

“I make the following order ... the first respondent [Sanral] is interdicted and restrained from levying and collecting tolls,” he said.

Financial losses
Prinsloo said while he realised Sanral would suffer huge financial losses, the public would also suffer hardship if the controversial project went ahead.

E-tolling was to have started on Monday, April 30, on 185km of highway in Johannesburg and Tshwane.

Sanral’s chair, Tembakazi Mnyaka, said Alli would stay on in his post until the beginning of June, after the board resolved at a meeting on Monday to accept his resignation.

He thanked the outgoing CEO for his contributions since the inception of the roads agency in 1998.

Mnyaka said the immediate focus and priority of the board was to ensure that Sanral “continues to perform its essential role in operating and maintaining more than 16 000km of national roads across South Africa”.

“As announced in recent weeks, processes have been initiated at national government level to address the variety of issues involved in the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) and e-tolling,” he said. “The board will ensure that Sanral contributes to and cooperates with the deliberations now underway.”

Right person for the job

Outa chairperson Wayne Duvenage said he was sad to see Alli leave Sanral. “It’s always sad when someone of his stature moves on through a situation like this that’s developed,” he told the Mail & Guardian.

“I don’t think anybody will have been very surprised [by his resignation] but it would have been nice to see him fix [the e-tolling situation],” he said.

Duvenage said that Sanral, which has lost credibility with the public due to the e-tolling dispute, had to ensure that it found the right person to fill Alli’s role.

“Whatever they do that individual has a huge mountain to climb to restore the credibility of Sanral and to re-strategise what Sanral’s role is; to ensure that when we move forward Sanral continues on its route to building good roads for this country but doing so in a way that minimises wastage of public funds and expenses,” he said.

Cosatu spokesperson Patrick Craven told the M&G that the trade union federation welcomed Alli’s resignation. “We feel that he was the personification of this project that we were so opposed to and we hope that this means the final end of the whole e-tolling saga,” he said.

The DA’s Gauteng caucus leader Jack Bloom said although he thought Alli’s resignation was appropriate, he also believed Alli was being used as a scapegoat.

“We all know that e-tolling started in the Gauteng provincial government and everybody is scrambling to get away from that,” he said, adding “At the end of the day, the accountability should be political.”

Bloom said it was important that the new Sanral CEO be selected based on competence. “We don’t want a political appointment, we want a technocrat who will run Sanral efficiently on a technical basis,” he said.

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Re: this one is for the E-tolls

Postby kfxnando » Mon May 21, 2012 2:53 pm

as I get info, so I will post, even if its outdated


Despite e-tolling on Gautengs freeways having been delayed last week, Sanral has continued encouraging motorists to register for e-tags, which could be illegal. Photo: Mujahid Safodien

The SA National Roads Agency Ltd (Sanral) not only wants your money – it also wants access to all your bank details and financial accounts.

The Department of Transport postponed e-tolling on Gauteng’s freeways on Friday, weeks before the system was due to go live next month. This is the second time the department has suspended the multibillion-rand project.

Despite this, Sanral has continued its advertising campaign, encouraging motorists to register for e-tags. But the registration of the e-tags may be illegal in terms of the Consumer Protection Act.

This is according to various organisations who have analysed the terms and conditions of e-tag accounts.

At the centre of their concerns is clause 33 of Sanral’s terms and conditions, which states that: “The user hereby irrevocably authorises the Agency or its duly authorised agent to obtain from any institution where the user may have an account, or from any credit bureau, any information concerning the user. This clause constitutes consent and an instruction to each such institution to disclose such information to the Agency or its agent.”

[All the new technology being implemented for registering devices, such as RICA, have been specifically designed to capture data. It is all about controlling informaiton on people. The question is... WHY?]

Dr Cliff Johnston, from the SA National Consumer Union (Sancu), said this goes against the Financial Services Act, which states that an institution may not request more information than is needed.

“So they may see if you have been blacklisted. But what if you have? Will that mean you won’t be able to register? Will you not be able to use the road then? How will Sanral deal with those cases?” Johnston asked.

Sancu intended to complain about the terms and conditions to the National Consumer Tribunal before the suspension. It is now planning to approach Sanral’s new board to point out the illegalities in the conditions.

Another contentious term, said Johnston, was that “Sanral’s information is correct unless you can prove otherwise. So if someone fraudulently copies your licence plate, Sanral will remove money from your account. How are you going to prove it wasn’t your car? This is illegal in terms of the Consumer Protection Act.”

[Read this a hundred times if you have to, but make sure that it sinks in. They are saying that your silence = guilt. If you are silent, they have the right to continue whatever they want against you based on the information already in the agreement (ie. the registration). One of Johan Joubert's assertions was that if they can do this to us, then we can do it to them! If we send a bank, corporation or government departnment an agreement by way of affidavit, or amendement to the agreement, and they do not respond, their silence = guilt! What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Listen to Johan's interviews above, especially interviews 9 & 10. To break the shackles of corporate greed and tyranny, we need to use their very laws against them.

Another controversial term was that you must supply Sanral with your bank account details, giving it access to debit money from the account “once the user’s e-toll account balance goes below the user’s predefined top-up threshold level”.

Johnston said Sancu was initially encouraging people to register for an e-toll account, but only on the prepaid option, without giving banking details.

“But we soon realised Sanral would not register you without your bank details.

“What if you are poor and don’t have a bank account? Does that mean you won’t be allowed to drive on the roads?”

For road users who do not register for an e-tag, Sanral’s terms are that motorists must pay for the toll within seven days or they will be punished. But Johnston said this was impossible as it would take far longer for the notice to be posted to you and payment made.

The DA has taken its concerns one step further by sending a complaint of infringements by Sanral to the National Consumer Tribunal in terms of the Consumer Protection Act

: that users have to give access to their bank accounts for unknown amounts; there is a high possibility of fraud as 10 percent of all licence plates are cloned or fraudulent; there is no clarity on how disputed amounts will be refunded; there are undisclosed administration fees (R5 for posted statements and 20c for each sms); identification by e-tag as opposed to number plate is unclear; and certain road users (minibus taxis and buses) are exempted, leading to unfair discrimination.

Sanral had not responded to queries at the time of going to print.

What they don’t tell you

* Users have to give access to their bank accounts for unknown amounts;

* There is a high possibility of fraud as 10 percent of all licence plates are cloned or fraudulent;

* There is no clarity on how disputed amounts will be refunded;

* There are undisclosed administration fees (R5 for post statements and 20c for each sms);

* Identification by e-tag as opposed to number plate is unclear; and

* Certain road users (minibus taxis and buses) are exempted, leading to unfair discrimination. - The Star

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Re: this one is for the E-tolls

Postby kfxnando » Mon May 21, 2012 2:54 pm

I hope this goes around at least a billion times.

Taxes and Open Road Toll Fees

People should not install the transponders but still use the highways and force the government to issue accounts and summonses to all motorists until such time they drop the prices. The government will be forced to send out millions of accounts every month and they don't have the manpower to do it. This is the best and easiest way to boycott the system. What is the government going to do about motorists from other neighbouring countries that don't have these transponders?
South Africans are too complacent and its time we fight back. WE have paid for these roads. Now they are also proposing a 1% tax to fund the SABC.

Circulate this to all your friends!!!!!!!!

Has anyone thought just how much tax we are already paying?

a. 35% on your salary
b.14% on everything you buy (bar fresh produce) and services rendered.
c. Carbon tax if you buy a new car (besides the 14% VAT you have to pay)
d. Tax on the fuel you put in your car to run it.
e. Toll on our roads – and for some it is going to come to a whopper of 10% of your salary (If you earn R10 000.00 a R1 000 would go toward tolling if you migrate between PTA and JHB every day.) – Bully to try and pacify me with the idea that I can claim it back from my income tax!!! I have to fork out the money first. Going on holiday to DBN? Remember to save up your R1000.00 for tolling.

To say the least – For every R10.00 you earn, the government is already taking approx R6.00 and still they want more. Are you happy with the R4.00 you are getting?


When are we going to get up and do something about it? Where is all the money going to? It is definitely not being spent on what it should be – our hospitals are in a state of disrepair, our schools in shambles, our roads full of potholes, our water contaminated, sewers not working, left in the dark because Eskom failed to do their upgrades, the poor are poorer still, municipalities on the brink of collapse, and so the list goes on.

Heard about the youth day celebration that cost R100 million? Mmmm... did you pay for it?
Oh yes sir/madam you did! R100 million that could have paid for a couple of things our country needed more.
And to put the numbers in perspective:

And what about the 100yrs ANC celebrations that was held in Bloemfontein which cost R400 million????

The next time you hear an SA politician use the word 'billion' in a casual manner, think about whether you wanted the 'politicians' spending YOUR tax money.
A billion is a difficult number to comprehend, but one advertising agency did a good job of putting that figure into some perspective in one of its press releases:
A. A billion seconds ago it was 1959.
B. A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.
C. A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age.
D. A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet.
E. A billion Rand ago was only 27 hours and 12 minutes at the rate our SA government is spending it. (a billion rand a day??!!)

Building Permit Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporation Tax
Income Tax
Value Added Tax

Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax
Fuel License Tax
Petrol/Diesel Tax
Hunting License Tax
Luxury Tax
Property Tax
Service charge taxes
Capital gains Tax
Social Security Tax

Securities Transfer Tax
Road Usage Tax
Local Tax
Vehicle License Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Worker's Compensation Tax
Hardly any of these taxes existed 20 years ago...
And our nation was one of the most prosperous in Africa.
We had absolutely no national debt...
We had the largest middle class in Africa and Mum stayed home to raise the kids.
What happened ?
Look at the Government.....and who is 'running' the country....
INTO THE GROUND - on YOUR and MY 'billions'!!!

I hope this goes around at least a billion times.
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Re: this one is for the E-tolls

Postby kfxnando » Mon May 21, 2012 2:56 pm

The following was written by Carla C Viana on Facebook on the TollFreeGP page:

Thank you Carla for the detailed lists regarding government corruption and how government is spending and wasting the tax payers money. This is a very long list But worth the time to read through. This list does not even mention the nepotism and all the tender corruptions! Make yourself comfy before you start ;-)

Agreed someone has to pay for the upkeep, maintenance and improvement of our grand roads so that we can be proud of our roads when compared to the rest of Africa BUT HOLD ON this anc government and their petrol fuel levies has already been collecting vast billions over many many decades for this exact cost. YOU CAN’T come along now in 2012 and impose your citizens / give us the guilt trip where anc appointees have indeed squandered and depleted the reserves intended for this very cost. Accountability first and foremost and where such wastage and thieving of petrol state coffers was found corrupted, those officials to be removed from their posts and such funds refunded back into the petrol state collected coffers. We the people have long since paid for such improvements - just how was the road accident fund and it's cripplingly multibillion collapse that transpired under the leadership of and when the anc appointees took charge of such petrol levies and state collected mechanisms. If the RAF is anything to go by on - where anc directorship appointees pay themselves and award themselves multi million rand performance bonuses salaried cheques I rest my case. NO VOTE of confidence with those managing such affairs they forced such state petrol collected coffers into bankruptcy and now expect and demand the public must pay.... !!!!!!! Carla C Viana.

Here follows the long list of the taxpayers money wasting while the poor are getting poorer every day! And the government still blames poverty on apartheid, while busy enriching themselves!:

R 2 million Refurbishing of her government house from the budget of the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development. Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane []

R 570 000 Seven month stay at top hotel in Pretoria for Nonhlanhla Mkhize and her assistant who were seconded from the KZN Premiers office to the Dept of Women, Children and People with Disabilities Former Minister of Women, Children & People with Disabilities, Noluthando Mayende-Sibiya

R 3.7 million A new official residence For National police commissioner Bheki Cele, though several less costly official residences were available in Silverton. National Police Commissioner Bheki Cele [] 15 Oct 2010

R 1.2 million Furnishing for National Commissioner's 'official residence' National Police Commissioner Bheki Cele [] 15 Oct 2010

R 235 000 66 days at the 5-Star Table Bay Hotel by Minister Nathi Mthethwa and eight department officials The Minister also stayed in the Presidential Suite for one night and four body guards in luxury rooms for four nights. Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa 7 Oct 2009 []
R 2 million Prolonged stay at 5-star Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria while official residence was refurbished Minister of Communications, Roy Padayachie 22 Nov 10

R 32.4 million Over R70 million spent on the President’s 5 official residences over the last 5 years. Jacob Zuma has presided over a large portion of this expenditure since 2009, which totals a minimum of R32.4 million. This number excludes staff salaries for the 5 residences which would add millions more per year. Department of Public Works

3. Cargate - wasteful expenditure on luxury vehicles for politicians - R69 735 000

Cost Details Minister/ Department/ Entity responsible RDP Houses foregone
R 2.4 million BMW 750is (X2) at a cost of R1.1 million each plus R150 000 on extras, including items like rear seat entertainment And a sports leather steering wheel Dept of Communications, Minister Siphiwe Nyanda

R 1.7 million BMW 730d and Range Rover Sport TDV8 Dept of Education, Minister Angie Motshekga

R 11 million The Free State Provincial Cabinet purchased new Mercedes-Benzes for each member (11 in total) 10 Mercedes-Benz S500s &1 Mercendes-Benz S600 for Premier Ace Magashule Free State Provincial Cabinet

R 795 000 Mercedes-Benz S350 With extras Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Minister Buyelwa Sonjica

R 1.4 million BMW X5 3.0d and BMW X5 Si 3.0 with R202 000 worth of extras Dept of Police, Minister Nathi Mthethwa

R 1.3 million Mercedes-Benz S250 (X2) with R150 000 worth of extras each Dept of Science and Technology, Minister Naledi Pandor

R 1 million Toyota Prada - R480 000 and BMW X5 - R550 000 North West provinces Moretele Mayor, Asnath Molekwa

R 1.1 million BMW 750i Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education

R 740 000 BMW X5 Bitou Mayor Lulama Mvimbi

R 795 000 Mercedes-Benz S350 Tina Joemat-Petterson, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

R 760 000 Mercedes-Benz E500 Aaron Motsoaledi, Minister of Health

R 820 000 Range Rover HSE Phumulo Masualle, Eastern Cape MEC for Health

R 615 000 Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Pemmy Majodina, Eastern Cape MEC for Public Works

R 770 000 Mercedes-Benz ML500 Mcebisi Jonas, Eastern Cape MEC for Finance

R 620 000 Mercedes-Benz ML320 CDI Sibongile Manana, Mpumalanga MEC for Community Safety

R 580 000 Mercedes-Benz ML500 Dikeledi Mahlangu, Mpumalanga MEC for Health

R 700 000 Mercedes-Benz ML350 Mohlalefi Mokoena, Mpumalanga MEC for Traditional Affairs

R 845 000 BMW X5 Madala Masuku, Mpumalanga MEC for Human Settlements

R 730 000 BMW X5 Pinky Kekana, Limpopo MEC for Transport

R 880 000 BMW 740i Boitumelo Tshwene, North West MEC for Agriculture

R 900 000 BMW 735 Mahlakeng Mahlakeng, North West MEC for Public Works

R 900 000 Mercedes-Benz GL500 Desbo Sefanyetso, North West MEC for Housing

R 875 000 Mercedes-Benz GL500 Johannes Tselapedi, North West MEC for Education

R 795 000 Audi Q7 4.2 Grace Pampiri, North West MEC for Sports and Culture

R 890 000 BMW X6 Gordon Kegakilwe, North West MEC for Local Govt

R 1.5 million BMW 550is (X2) Thokozile Xasa, Deputy Minister of Tourism see

R 720 000 BMW 550i Sedan Deputy Minister of Arts and Culture, Paul Matashile

R 1.6 million Mercedes Benz GL320 CDI for Pretoria office and Audi Q7 4.2 TDI for Cape Town office Deputy Minister of Communications, Dina Pule

R 670 000 Mercedes-Benz E350 Deputy minister of Public Enterprises Enoch Godongwana

R 900 000 BMW X5 4.8 with extras Dept of Water and Environment Affairs Deputy Minister Rejoice Mabudafhasi

R 1.2 million BMW 7 Series with extras Minister in the Presidency, Trevor Manuel

R 575 000 BMW 530d Deputy Minister of Human Settlements

R 660 000 Volkswagen Touareg V8 4.2 Minister in the Presidency

R 750 000 Mercedes-Benz ML500 Deputy Minister Minister of Trade and Industry Ntuli

R 2.4 million Audi Q7 (X4) Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform

R 7 million Fleet of Mercedes-Benz cars including four E-class sedans Minister of Defence Lindiwe Sisulu 2010

R 6 million Fleet of Mercedes-Benz ML 4x4s for traditional kings Eastern Cape Provincial Government

R 2 million Six Mercedes-Benz E-class cars for members of the Zulu Royal Family KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government

R 850 000 Two Mitsubishi Pajero 4x4s for members of Eastern Cape House of Traditional Affairs Eastern Cape Provincial Government

R 1.1 million Three Toyota Fortuner 4x4s for executive members of the Eastern Cape House of Traditional Leaders Eastern Cape Provincial Government

R 1.2 million BMW 750i with extras Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maite Nkoana-Mashabane

R 1.4 million BMW X5 3.0d and a Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI Minister of Public Service and Administration Richard Baloyi

R 1.4 million Two BMW X5 3.0Ds Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa 4 Aug 2009

R 1.6 million BMW 740i with extras, and Mercedes-Benz ML500 with extras Deputy Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula

R 2.3 million Audi Q7 4.2 TDi Quattro Tiptronic, Mercedes Benz S320CDI, Two Volkswagen Toauregs (X2) Minister of Co-operative Governance & Traditional Affairs, Sicelo Schiceka (& Deputy) 30 Oct 2009

4. Party gate - wasteful expenditure on parties, conferences and other events - R160 870 000 Cost Details Minister/ Department/ Entity responsible RDP Houses foregone R 10.6 million Inauguration party for Premier of KwaZulu-Natal Premier of KwaZulu-Natal, Zweli Mkhize May 2009

R 7 million Opening of the Free State legislature Dept of the Premier, the Free State Provincial Govt June 2009

R 300 000 A project launch celebration party Department of Rural Development and Land Reform
R 350 000 End-of-year function for 150 department officials Minister of Labour Mdladlana Dec 2009
R 40 million National Police Day, involving the summoning of one out of every three police officers in the country to Bloemfontein. Minister has refused in parliamentary questions to confirm exact amount spent. R40m is a conservative estimate based both on figures made available to us by senior police officials. Minister of Police Jan 2010

R 920 000 Ten SETAs threw parties to celebrate the tabling of their annual reports: BANKSETA - R 104 709 , CHIEFA - R 47 485 , FASSET - R 235 885 , FOODBEV - R 16 500 , INSETA - R 9 513 , MAPPP - R 22 681 , MQA - R 150 000 , MERSETA - R 242 251 , SERVICES SETA - R 31 000 , W&RSETA - R 58 072 , TOTAL - R 918 097 Minister of Labour 2009

R165 000 Performance of Lady Salsa - show to commemorate the establishment of bilateral relations between South Africa and Cuba. This included nearly R 20 000 of state funds spent on the bar and drinks vouchers, R 25 000 spent on the venue, and R 60 000 on purchasing tickets to the show for the 150 guests. Minister of Arts and Culture July 2009
R2.7 million Trips by Armscor executives to international arms exhibitions with their wives staying at 5-star hotels and flying first class, while the SOE is in financial straits Armscor and Minister of Defence 2009

R2.6 million Several National Departments held unnecessary budget vote parties: Arts and Culture R 223 281 , Basic Education R 267 000 , Correctional Services R 101 594 , Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs R 67 768 , Energy: R 412 077 , Health (two parties) R R65 639 , Home Affairs R52 365 , Human Settlements R 114 184 , International Relations R 160 440 , Police R 56 695 , Justice and Constitutional Development R 24 323 , Public Service and Administration R104 407 , Public Works R84 240 , Science and Technology R 33 000 , Social Development R 180 026 , Sports & Recreation R 105 000 , State Security R 41 558 , Trade and Industry / Economic Development R 43 000 , Transport R 461 228 = R 2 597 825 Various Departments June 2009

R585 000 Womens Day Celebration in Soweto which did not benefit commuters Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA), Dept of Transport R350 000 End-of-year function for 150 department officials Jimmy Manyi, DG of Dept of Labour Dec 2009
R5.7 million Golden handshake to music producer Lebo Morake to walk away from World Cup opening and closing ceremony project City of Johannesburg June 2010

R300 000 Party to celebrate executive mayor Gwen Ramokgopa's State of the City address and a gala dinner at the Pretoria City Hall Tshwane Metro Council March 2010
R1.2 million Luncheon commemorating the re-opening of the Camden Coal Power Station, feeding 300 delegates (including President Zuma) Minister Barbara Hogan and Eskom CEO Brian Dames

R83 million The National Youth Development Agency’s anti-imperialism conference, sponsored by The Presidency (R 29 million) and National Lotteries Board (R 40 million) along with smaller amounts from the DTI and Arts and Culture. NYDA, The Presidency and the Dept of Trade & Industry 13 Dec 2010

R2.5 million Party thrown by SASSA for Jacob Zuma using RDP funds Fezile Makiwane, head of SASSA 17 May 2009

R2.6 million The DPSA spent R54 million on 22 conferences during the period 1 January 2006 to 30 September 2009. Within the first few months of the Zuma administration, it had already spent R 2 576 000. On Dept of Public Service and Administration

5. Ticketgate - wasteful expenditure on tickets to sports events and other entertainment - R196 975 000 Cost Details RDP Houses foregone

R16.2 million World Cup Tickets: National Departments: International Relations (200 tickets) R 10 297 500 , Science and Technology (12) R 25 200 , Tourism (180) R 1 127 129, Trade and Industry (320) R 4 738 960, Total (712) R 16 188 789

R116.5 million World Cup Tickets: State Entities:
Airport Companies South Africa (170 tickets) R 4 760 000
Air Traffic and Navigation Services (143) R 1 400 000
CEF Group (1 224) R 12 865 375
CSIR (20) R 314 991
Development Bank of SA (300) R 2 348 897
Denel (48) R 256 000
Eskom (1 080) R 12 273 518
GEMS (25) R 65 400
IDC (2 734) R 12 000 000
Mhlathuze Water Board (1 Hospitality box) R 1 900 000
NERSA (2) R 2 240
Onderstepoort Biological Products (12) R 24 000
PetroSA (1000) R 12 500 000
PRASA (4 570) R 10 800 000
Road Accident Fund (600) R 1 821 405
SAA (1 633) R 22 500 000
SABC (2 190) R 3 332 250
SAMSA (40) R 2 226 989
SAPO (800) R 800 000
Sentech (96) R 1 067 325
Transnet (962) R 13 344 209
Total (17 650) R 116 512 597
R12.3 million World Cup Tickets: Provinces

Eastern Cape R 280 000
Free State R 6.8 million
Gauteng R 4 million
Mpumalanga R 1.2 million
Total R 12 280 000
R 20.7 million World Cup Tickets: Municipalities Johannesburg R 4.5 million (with paraphernalia)
Mangaung R 15 million
Mbombela R 730 000
Tshwane R 500 000
Total R 20 730 000
R4.1 million World Cup Paraphernalia: National Departments

Arts & Culture R 175,027
Cooperative Gov & Traditional Affairs R 4,231
Defence & Military Veterans R 22,900
Health R 964,764
Justice & Constitutional Development R 1,143,324
Mineral Resources R 30,000
Police R 386,725
Presidency R 84,994
Public Enterprises R 4,694
Public Works R 166,747
Science & Technology R 50,474
Social Development R 11,000
Sports & Recreation R 871,870
Transport R 144,781
Total R 4 061 531
R 21.3 million World Cup Paraphernalia: Public Entities

Book, charge and REFUND then we talk and never the other way around!!!!
REFRAIN from attempting to silence and close down such whistle blowers, reporters and journalists and your taxed South African citizens!!!

R 32 million Cost of 10% of the value of a major housing project for cancelling contract due to inadequate research prior to awarding the tender Department of Public Works

~ R 35 000 The Gauteng Commissioner of Correctional Services undertook a series of trips of little or no relevance to her mandate as Commissioner. The trips included hiring a Mercedes Benz at a cost of R2 000 per day and attending the Grahamstown Festival. Department of Correctional Services; Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula
R 90 000 The North West Education Department spent about R90 000 to pamper their officials at a day spa North West Education MEC Johannes Tselapedi
R 3 million Sending a 200-strong delegation including councillors, a netball team, cultural ensemble, choir and soccer team to Lusaka to attend Zambia’s Independence Day celebrations. Mayor Zoleka Capa of OR Tambo Municipality

R 3.6 million VIP protection costing R 300 000 per month for ANC Youth League President Julius Malema from November 2009 to October 2010 South African Police Service

R 9.5 million Dedicated DoD VIP lounge at OR Tambo International Airport for use by Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu, department officials and official guests. Department of Defence

R 3 million Statue of Shaka Zulu for Durban’s new King Shaka International Airport KZN Premier Zweli Mkhize

R 1.5 million Statue of an elephant that was removed because it resembled the emblem of the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) eThekwini municipality

R 6.8 million 6333 traffic fines incurred by the SA diplomatic staff in London. Dept of International Relations & Cooperation

R 935 000 Paid to Queenstown education district chief education specialist Mzwandile Bula despite the latter failing to turn up to work for two years in a row Eastern Cape Education Department

R 14.9 million Rivoningo Magazine (a SAPS magazine) 50 000 copies per quarter over 21 months, at an average cost of R37 per magazine. SAPS [] 15 Oct 10
R 160 000 Payment above and beyond the statutory salary of National Commissioner of Correctional Service, Tom Moyane Dept of Correctional Services [see 3 Oct 10 statement by Lennit Max]
R 11.7 million R11.7 million was spent on a cancellation fee for reserved heads of state accommodation for an African Diaspora Summit. Department of International Relations and Cooperation
R 155 000 Sponsorship of former Portfolio Committee Chair on Public Enterprises, Vytjie Mentor, on trip to China Transnet 7 Dec 10 []
R 76 million Four Department of Transport Conferences of which R 12 million was spent on VIP shuttle services alone Department of Transport 10 Mar 2010 []

R 50 million Misappropriation of Parliamentary funds for personal expenditure on luxury homes and hotel stays Parliament 2 Dec 2009

R 15.5 million The National Lottery, in probable contravention of the law, paid out a total of R15.5m to the Jazz Foundation of South Africa, even though the CEO of the Foundation - Mr Leabua (Oupa) Salemane - is also a member of the Lotto’s Arts and Culture Distributing Agency. Department of Trade and Industry, Minister Rob Davies

R 75 million For Presidential inauguration President Jacob Zuma 29 April 2009 []

R 23.7 million For defending department against lawsuits emanating from individuals being denied services Dept of Home Affairs 12 Oct 2010 []
R 20.6 million Charter flights booked by the Presidency for former President Mbeki. Revealed in DA parliamentary reply. Presidency

Mind-blowing stuff! There should not be one single person homeless or hungry in SA. Government HAS (or had) the money to help the poor!!!
They will not get one extra cent tax money (in whatever way or means) from my purse before this out of control spending has stopped.
No wonder government wants to silence the media they don’t want information like the above and the now pension fund scandal surrounding the e-toll system to leak out!! The above list is not even complete!!

DID YOU EVEN CONSIDER FOR ONE MOMENT TO BUY AN E-TAG AND WITH THAT GESTURE GIVE YOUR SUPPORT TO E-TOLLING and indirectly to a corrupt government who doesn’t give a darn about the poor?
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Re: this one is for the E-tolls

Postby kfxnando » Sun May 27, 2012 7:29 pm ... a-20120525

Where are our priorities?????

The controversial painting has now been defaced with 2 guys (a white and a black) arrested.

The ANC’s court case went ahead on Thursday to force the gallery to remove the artwork, this after emotional appeals from the ANC for ALL members to attend the hearing.

The ANC’s counsel was so overwhelmed by the occasion that he wept.

The world sniggered and we hid our embarrassment by throwing insults and slinging mud at one another, from Gwede Mantashe downward through the ranks.

- A 17 year-old mentally challenged girl was gang raped and the video went viral. No one marched.

- An 8-year-old girl was raped by a 15 year-old boy and her eye gouged out. No one marched.

- A 5-month only baby was killed in Delmas. No one marched.

- Entire provinces are without school text books - it’s almost June. No one marched.

- President Zuma, much married with numerous children and a player on the world political stage spent in excess of R50 million of public funds renovating his residence. No one marched.

- The actual cost of phase 1 of the freeway tolling project has escalated from R6,3 billion to R83,9 billion. No one marched.

- Our imminent police chief, and his predecessor, are gangsters and have brought our police service to its knees. No one marched.

- Durban taxi drivers demanded that they be free to do as they wish and that there be no fines issued to them by white or Indian law enforcement officers. No one marched.

- Our country has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world with up to 50% of the youth unemployed. No one marched.

Our democracy is going down the toilet but no one marches, except Cosatu to attack a DA rally aimed at getting the government to implement a youth wage subsidy first proposed by the ruling party.

The ANCYL have not said a word, nor marched, nor indeed done anything to convince that they – the youth of the ruling party – are actually interested in anything at all. Why not?

Our country goes hysterical over a painting, the ruling party threaten lawsuits, protests, violent reprisals and then turns in anger on the media.

The entire country is stagnating, millions are unemployed, people are starving, children are not learning, petrol has gone through the roof, the cost of food is rising almost daily, crime is endemic, corruption is widespread, our infrastructure is collapsing, the population are suffering and the ANC leadership are in court over a painting!

Where are our priorities? What are we thinking?

We have now proven beyond doubt that our collective mentality doesn’t rise above the waist.

Another sad day for South Africa, one of infamy that will live with us forever and stain any attempts we now make to redeem ourselves. The world is laughing at us.

The rot must end and it must end now South Africa for we cannot endure it any longer.

# My thanks to Roger and Lex for both bringing these facts to my attention and providing the initial layout.

Would that others could also get involved, say what needs to be said and do what now needs to be done for we are indeed teetering on the precipice.
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