Wildcat Exhausts

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Wildcat Exhausts

Postby kfxnando » Wed Jul 04, 2012 3:55 pm

well on another forum with its panties tied up in a knot, posted this and it got deleted

so will share it here, maybe more then one post where its aplicablehi
am very fortunate to have gotten a 4.7 with headers already fitted

have had much interest every time I mention wj 4.7 headers

as I bought the jeep with the headers already on, me not sure who built them or where they were fitted

there is however an exhaust manufacturer about 20km from my place, that I have headers from on two more of my vehicles

the one time that I was there, they said that they have headers in stock for the 4.7 wj
so after a conversation early hrs this morning over PM after another thread where I mentioned headers, made a trip to wild cat exhaust and had a serious discussion with them.
and YES, their site is currently down, and will supply a direct email address and a phone number
also asked to see the headers that they have for 4.7 wj.
took photos
and here there was a little disappointed, as these are short headers, not the same as my ones

however there is hope
went on my webshots page and showed wildcat what my headers look like
their response: they can make a set or more like my ones.
they will use my ones as a template, improve/clean up on the bends and the joints
prices of the short headers sound very reasonable, and the long headers like my one would be a bit more, however if you going to do it, go all the way, this is now just my opinion
although the short headers might suite some guys better

Frik from wild cat, says that to be worth their wiles to make their header a number of 5+ sets would be favorable, that would also help with shipping
as it will involve taking my headers off my Jeep, and using them as a template
they can be ceramic coated, painted. . . . . what ever is requested

so if you guys are interested in a group bye, then here is an opportunity

one of the things that always comes up besides the shipping is the LHD and the RHD issue

if you look at the pics of my headers they are away from the steering and other equipment/accessories
if you follow the link in my Sig to my webshots page, you will see what I talking about

Frik Botha
office line
+27 11 822 2400
the above is a South African number

will be sending Frik a link to the thread
and you guys can deal directly with him, hence why I posted his direct details

hope this helps those that are interested
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Re: Wildcat Exhausts

Postby kfxnando » Wed Jul 04, 2012 4:03 pm

one of the members asked me for feedback on dealing with wild cat exhausts
and this is the reply that I sent back to himthis was a PM conversation, and hence why only posting my part

oh yes, he asked what is the company like and what my dealings have been with them and service levels type of question
understandable, when one is ordering something from accross the pond, and laying out money

here is my reply

Originally Posted by kfxnando

will give you my experience with them, and what I know about them
they started near Durban, about 500km from here, and that original factory shop still exists
they have been around for over 25years
have a Ford Sierra (uk model/shape), had their headers on that motor
at the one stage, changed the motor to a similar type and the flanges on the wildcat headers needed to be changed(different head bolt spacing), they did it and did it right, same day service
then on my Ford truck, bought the headers from them and fitted self at home, drove it with just the headers to them (the branch that is close to me, about 20km away) and they connected the headers to the rest of the free flowing system

later on pulled the motor out the Ford truck, and needed new gaskets for the headers, they gave me the new gaskets, yes the gaskets kits does come with gaskets, however prefer their one piece exhaust gasket, and easier to work with

have seen a lot of fancy custom headers and exhaust being built on project cars

they seem helpfull, and at the one stage their name was almost like saying exhaust and header

not quiet sure what else to add, that is what i know about them, and my dealing with them

my 1st set of headers from wild cat was in 1996 on the Sierra, and it was fitted by someone else that was an agent for them

hope this helps
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