Pipe Car or Pipe Dream

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Pipe Car or Pipe Dream

Postby kfxnando » Wed May 26, 2010 3:47 pm

well, its is common knowledge that we have plans for a SXS!!

however the idea of a SXS has not been set in stone, and often thought of building my own, and for vagarious reasons have stayed a little away from that direction!!

however have seen a few idea of some great and fun ones, and every time I see one the idea runs around!!

even if it costs the same as a SXS, sure we could make it a lot more powerfull, and hence more fun!!

then, after the sad and sudden passing away of my good friend who also had a SXS, and who we so much looked forward to riding SXS with, the idea took even a bigger damper!!

ideally, would like to built it with 4x4 and maybe a Lexus V8 in it as well, however that will come close to having a superrbike for offroad, so maybe will just settle for a old fashion V6 in it!!
that will already be way stronger then any SXS out there!!

so yes have way too many projects out there, all half built, and once that is done, then will seriously look at this one!!

mean time, what ideas are out there???

feel free to comment, and say your say!!

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